Based on all the products they have put out and how far ahead of the pack Apple has been in innovation, it is hard to believe that that not only was Apple once solely based on PC computers, but they at one time appeared to be a company that was literally dying out. Times have definitely changed as far as that goes and while new versions of the Mac continue to roll out, there’s no question that in its recent history Apple has definitely branched out above and beyond the regular computer market.

The 1998 iMac
The iMac might not be remembered much now, but this was the great comeback story for Apple. Steve Jobs, returned as interim-CEO, worked with Jonathan Ive to produce the iMac, which blew away all previous computer systems made up to that point. The unique design and modern technology was a huge hit and brought Apple back into the mainstream conversation when it came to computers.

The release of digital movie editing software all the way back in 1999 with iMovie showed how far ahead of the curve Apple was once again, and not only provided to that point unparalleled support but also helped direct how technology would change and grow from that point on.

First announced in 2007, this was also the time that “Apple Computers” would become “Apple Inc” because of a larger emphasis on electronics and mobile devices. The smartphone would take the recent increased trend in cellphones and take it to the next level, creating the smartphone craze that has, in less than a decade, all but become a permanent part of our modern society.

iPod & iPad
These modern mobile devices are everywhere, and helped finish what Jobs started with moving Apple back to the forefront of technology and electronics, forever changing the consumer market for both.